I think we have all asked the same question at one time
or another. That question is …

“What does it really take to make money online?”

if we listen to the emails and websites we read, we
hear many strong opinions.

And they always make it sound SO MUCH EASIER than it
really is, while loudly proclaiming that their way is
the only way.

And yet we know that cannot be true.

So … what DOES it take to make money online?

While I will not pretend to have all the answers, I
will share openly what has worked for me.

Experience has proven that focusing on a basic method
will yield results, and this is one of the many basic methods
of making money online.

Bums. What is your first thought when you think of this word? A person living on the streets begging for money? Well offline that’s probably a pretty good visual description. Maybe without a back story, but we’re talking about your FIRST thought, or impression.

However, when it comes to bums ONLINE, the description is completely different. Marketing “bums” are folks that elect to take the easy way to earning profits online. And here’s how they do it. . .

A Marketing “bum” will either write their own, or republish another author’s 300-800 word article in several places such as free article directories, or on their own web sites including blogs. Incidentally, blogs are a great place to post articles.

But, within the articles, they tuck away a few different money makers like Google Ads, affiliate links, and links to their own select web pages that are designed to sell ONE product at a time.

And all those little money making nuggets coincide with the topic discussed inside their article. What’s really cool about Marketing bums is the fact that they do next to nothing besides writing up short little articles and offering them for free to anyone, and everyone who wants to read them, and still manage to make pretty good profits.

So, they earn money from giving away free information. Beyond that, they also build up their reputation as a person of value to others by providing such valuable information for free. Smart little sneakers!

Even though this method isn’t “new” by definition, it IS a method that brings positive results to those utilizing it. Of course, everyone will earn a different amount. Some will earn little. And some will earn a lot. It all depends on the effort put forth. Meaning, if you only release, or publish, a handful of articles sprinkled with your money making devices, then you can expect to see a small return from your efforts.

On the other hand, if you publish, say, 100 articles, that increases your chance to earn more small little trickles of profits. Bum Marketing is all about getting your articles in online circulation in every place you can to get them read, and most importantly your little money “nuggets” seen, and clicked. Hopefully, the end result will be making a sale.

If you are a bum Marketer, then you are an affiliate of sorts. Either you are an affiliate for someone else, or for yourself. Or for both. Remember, this is all about quantity. More articles with more money making links equals more chances to profit for you.

This is a fantastic little trick and should be used by everyone that has a website. And, it should also be utilized by everyone that wants to add more profit streams onto their existing ones.

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