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Search Engine Optimisation

Simply put: Traffic drives results.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making webpages more visible to the search engines.  In this series of SEO articles, I will discuss the various aspects of SEO that go a long way to show beginners the necessities of properly organised website content.  A properly optimised website will increase visits to your site and drive results, making you more money online. SEO optimisation is an essential requirement in online marketing and without it, your websites will slide further down the rankings.  Not only that, various directories focus on key elements of  websites and the summarised data makes data collating easier and that in turn speeds up analysis.

When optimizing your site for the search engines, you should improve what is called your “on page” SEO as well as your “off page” SEO. On page SEO includes those things that can be done to your web pages to enhance their ability to rank for a particular set of terms and off page SEO (aka offsite SEO) are the techniques, like link building, that are done elsewhere.

Here are five important website factors that may affect your on page SEO:

Website Design/Coding

You may be surprised to see “web design” included in this list but it really can affect your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

This is how:

•    Your design should look great so as to keep your visitors on your site as long as possible . (this improves what is called, “visit duration.”)
•    Well coded sites should conform with the W3C guidelines and  could easily be checked with the W3C validation tool.
•    Your images and coding should be optimized to be as “light” as possible. This will improve your “page load speed” and this is good for both SEO and human visitors… no one likes to needlessly wait.

Meta Title
Your “meta title” information is added to the page source (i.e. your website coding) and is displayed to visitors in the topmost portion of the browser window.  Generally speaking, your meta title should include the two-to-three keyword phrases you are optimizing the page for and be kept relatively short (i.e. about 60-80 characters max).
Meta Page Description
How much your meta page descriptions affect your SEO is up for debate but there are other benefits to writing a good meta page description as well.
As a general rule, I suggest that your meta page description read well, contain the primary keyword phrase you are targeting and be kept to no more than 156 characters, including spaces.
Most of the time, the search engines will use your meta page description text when creating your search engine listing. The more exciting the text is, the better your chances of “getting the click.”
On Page Content
There is a popular saying in Internet Marketing circles that “Content is King”, but that is not entirely correct. Poorly written content, or content that is “stuffed” with keywords will do much more harm than good. For best results, your on page content should be well-written and unique to your site. It should also be tightly focused around the 2-3 keyword phrases you are optimizing for. That’s not to say that you should repeat your keyword phrases over and over, but that each page’s content be more focused than broad.
Your Web Page URL
If at all possible, it’s best to see that your urls include your primary keyword phrase. For example, if you were targeting the term, “seo expert,”  it would be best if the url were something like:  As your url now includes the phrase, “seo expert,” you help the search engines better understand the relevance of your page’s content.

Want To Know More?

I recently came across a great site that offers free SEO training.  Well worth a visit if you want to optimise your website and drive up your profits.

Affiliate Marketing|Content is King

Every website owner or blog owner needs content, and lots of it.

Not a writer? No problem. One of the best ways to speed up this process is private label rights (PLR) articles.

You simply purchase these PLR articles, and then edit them and publish them on your website or blog. There’s no linking back to anyone. Just publish them and monetize them with ads and you’re set.

If you’d like to learn more about PLR, check this out now

EazyTheme WordPress Theme

Do you sometimes find it hard to understand the technical side of blog themes?  Don’t have the money to pay coders or techies to do it?  Here is an total solution to that is very user friendly, and easily adaptable for use on multiple blogs.  All you have to do is decide on what you would like your blog to look like and then select from the wide range of built in options.  You can even watch the easy to understand video instructions on how to set up the theme on your blog.  Too easy!

Once you install EazyTheme on your blog and see how easy it was to adapt, you will want to change all your blogs to Eazy Theme.  And yes, you can do that – EazyTheme can be used on unlimited sites for free.

EazyTheme is SEO friendly – the Header Title and Description are customizable, allowing you to target right keywords to optimise your blog.  As well as being SEO friendly, the EazyTheme comes with an Auto Resizing homepage image function, 4 configurable menus, built in widgets, built in Headers, Widgets, Backgrounds and Style options.
The best thing about the EazyTheme Customizable Premium WordPress Theme, is that it is available now and you can start you can download your free copy today.  So what’s stopping you?  Check it out today, you will not be disappointed………..

Its Time

As we approach the middle of January 2010 and the New Year’s Resolutions are falling by the wayside, along comes a timely reminder from a very smart man, Chris Rempel of the Lazy Marketers Blog.  Chris runs a tight ship about affiliate marketing the smart way and his latest blog post is not one to be missed.  So if you are feeling frustrated with the whole Internet Marketing business, have a look at Its Time To Draw A Line In The Sand and enjoy a sip of reality, for f*ree

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Online shopping  allows customers to conveniently shop from the comfort of their computer at any time of the day or night, bypassing the driving from store to store, trying to find parking spots, and then even worse, fighting crowds for the deals.

With the deals that many retailers are offering, it’s a nice incentive for people to use the internet to do all their Christmas and holiday gift shopping to save time and money.  And if you missed out on picking up that piece of electronics you were eyeing in the local shopping centre, you just may find a better deal online.

One of the biggest online retailers, offers plenty of incentive including free shipping deals and discounted prices on many items.  Amazon’s online deals have been running hot since last week and will continue to run through Cyber Monday.  Deals include items in Toys, Home & Garden, Clothing, Electronics,and many more.  The internet retail store also offers daily Amazon Gold box deals and incentive of $10 off $50 purchases if you use your Discover card.

Will this be a better year than last for online retailer’s holiday sales?

Stay tuned as the shopping frenzy leading up to Christmas 2009 and the holidays continues!

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